Dermatologist-tested Bounce Free and Gentle™ fabric softener dryer sheets are mild on skin without perfumes or dyes. They fight static, help reduce wrinkles and leave your clothes feeling softer. Hypoallergenic Sensitive skin is safe with us. Bounce® Free and GentleTM dryer sheets are hypoallergenic,dermatologist-tested and free of any dyes or perfumes. Usage 1 sheet = Small & Medium loads 2 sheets = Large & HE Full loads 3 sheets = Extra Large & HE Full loads For enviable freshness, Bounce® a dryer sheet into every load you dry. Feeling daring while doing a large load? Go ahead – toss in two! Catching up on laundry this week with an extra large load? Toss in three! Just be sure to use a low heat setting on your synthetic fabrics. And if you happen to see random spots on clothes (sometimes a result of using a high heat setting), don't worry. Just rub with a bar of soap and then rewash the item in warm water.